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Riverwalk Center
Miami, FL

This retail-entertainment center was planned along the Miami River in early 2012 before much of the development in the area took place.  A 24,000sf four-level complex, it was intended to form an a anchor to the up-and-coming River Entertainment district.


The design was developed on a very narrow strip of land but still manages to take advantage of the dramatic river views and delivers a striking vision of what the riverfront could have been.


Inspired by the commercial fishing trade existing along the river, the building incorporates slatted wood balcony structures on the river reminiscent of the crab traps employed by fisherman daily.  The ground level was proposed as an open air arcade where entertainment and festivals could be held.


Upper stories where planned as restaurant venues with a roof-top night club.


Although unbuilt, it was viewed by City officials as an early example of smart planning along the riverfront.


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