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Bowery 100 Apartments
Miami, FL

The Bowery project features high-design for a market driven apartment project.  103 units with extensive amenities, this 8-story rental building features a modern aesthetic and designed to fit into the growing Miami hospital district.


Fronting two streets, the South massing contains the 4 story parking structure with townhouse-like units and a modern pool deck.  Gym and clubroom amenities open onto the pool deck and there is an attractive trellis family area for sunset gatherings. 

The front facade facing the busy urban streets features a modern balcony screen and garden terrace which is a focal point of the building.  


Scheduled to break ground in early 2024, the project will be an exciting addition to the urban fabric.

Developer:     River Border Development, LLC

Contractor:    TBD

High-Rise Multy Family

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