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Riverwalk South
North Miami Beach, FL

This 30-story mixed use project includes 450 luxury apartments, high end amenities, and ground level commercial space along the Biscayne Blvd corridor.


The Riverwalk South is the second project by FORMGROUP in the North Miami Beach mixed-use district and one of the firms most ambitious projects to date.  Developed on a very narrow site, the project takes full advantage of the prevailing views on the site.  It is made up of two separate 30-story towers that share a common parking podium which is articulated with modulating mesh panels that glow with accent lighting in the evenings.

The project features two rooftop terraces shaded by prominent roof structures that give the buildings their distinct look from a distance. 

Recently approved for development, the project is scheduled to start in early 2022 and should be completed by 2023.


Developer:     Biscayne Park Development, LLC

​Contractor:     To be determined

High-Rise Multy Family

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