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BULLA Gastropub 

The Falls, Miami Fl

This popular local eatery hired FORMGROUP to revamp it's design aesthetics and upgrade some critical technical operational details.  The result is a new modern and efficient prototype for the brands restaurants going forward.

The Bulla brand is synonymous  with chic Spanish flavor, FORMGROUP drew on this culture for many of the design features in this new space.  Bold color, vibrant accents, and thematic mural art combines to make this lively space a place for locals to be seen and experience the new vibe of the brand.  FORMGROUP teamed up with Pam Manhas Design on the interiors and worked closely with the construction team of City Construction to deliver this project on time and within budget. 


A successful project can only be viewed by the reception of the general public, and on that metric, Bulla Gastropub is a great success all around.  Opened in early 2020 amidst the Covid crisis, the restaurant has gone on to be extremely successful.

Developer:          Centurion Restaurant Group

Interior Design:   Manhas Design

Contractor:          City Construction

Modern Restaurant Architecture

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