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Peacock Residence
South Miami, FL

This 3,800 s.f. Custom Home features sustainable systems, reclaimed materials, a native garden and a warm modern aesthetic.


This home, designed and built by the Architect, is located on a beautiful 3/4acre site which was planted with native garden strategies and over 40 local pines to encourage wild bird nesting.

Designed to meet the highest sustainability standards, the home features a passive design sense which takes full advantage of the prevailing solar exposure while opening up the interior to the desirable Northern light.  Innovative sustainability systems were used throughout including a 15kw solar power system, multiple mini-AC units, and a rainwater collection system that provides the home with 100% of its potable water.


The layout takes advantage of the two existing 100yr old Oaks on the East front to frame the main entrance while disguising and protecting the open interiors within.

Completed in 2012, the residence received the 2015 Outstanding Design Award from the Society of American Registered Architects. 

Modern Home in South Miami

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